Street festival

Sommerfest Suhl-Nord 2005 - Foto: U. Grauel

Sat. 23.7.
Medical Center,

We want to celebrate the neighborhood! At various stands, organizations and initiatives from Suhl will introduce themselves. Young and old can participate in a variety of fun activities. We will take a deeper look at the cleared areas and what is growing there. Above all, we want to get into a conversation about your questions to the neighborhood and the city as well as looking at your old and new photos of the district together! Food and drinks will be provided.

Participatory activities

In the question project of the artist group Mil M2 you can submit your questions to the neighborhood and the city. A selection from the questions will be shown in a large size.

In a guided tour together with Astrid Kempuß, we will look at what has since been growing on the areas where apartment blocks stood only a few years ago.

We will also turn the unused flower boxes into beds where we can grow vegetables or herbs.

Meanwhile, young and older people are invited to create photo collages in the office of

And please bring your photo albums or single pictures of the everyday life in Suhl-Nord! We are very interested in the old and new stories behind them and together we can select several pictures for our open-air exhibition.

If needed, there will be people at the festival who can provide translation services for you.


At stalls you can get to know numerous organizations and initiatives from Suhl-Nord and the entire city. There is not only information, but also small games and other activities to participate in.

Food & drinks

Of course you will be able to get delicious food and drinks at the festival. With West African delicacies, Arabic sweets and Thuringian sausages, everyone should get their fill.

Children's activities

In addition to the collage workshop and offerings at various stalls, the little ones can also look forward to a bouncy castle and other fun stuff!